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Assistant Stage Manager $ 1

Assistant Stage Manager

in Business, Performing Arts

The Assistant Stage Manager will assist with the setting and striking of all technical elements of the ASO; serve as crew chief when necessary for ASO; interfacing with operations staff to assist in advancing ASO ....

Email Developer $ 1

Email Developer

in Developer, Technology

Moxie is looking for an Email Developer who will be responsible for developing email, using HTML, CSS, media queries and various ESP tools.

Platform Engineer $ 1

Platform Engineer

in Technology, Graphic Design/Gaming

Tripwire Interactive is looking for highly talented and dedicated individuals to join the Tripwire Interactive family.

Popular CLassifieds

Freelance Writer $ 1

Freelance Writer

in Creative Writing

GameSkinny is currently looking for fresh talent to join our freelance team with the sole purpose of creating traffic-driving content.

Junior Copywriter $ 1

Junior Copywriter

in Digital Media/Social Media, Copy Editor, Creative Writing

Will write in multiple styles while being versatile enough to cover various channels (email, digital media, social, etc.) The Junior Copywriter will write primarily CRM and digital content for both consumer-facing and B2B projects...

Manager, Content Strategy $ 1

Manager, Content Strategy

in Copy Editor, Editing, Creative Writing

SEEKING: Storyteller on steroids. We need an editorial maestro to choreograph brand stories for our clients across new mediums.

Animator $ 1


in Art, Graphic Design/Gaming

Indigo Studios is always on the lookout for talented individuals. We currently are looking for Animators.

Designer $ 1


in Art, Graphic Design/Gaming

The Designer designs in multiple programs and styles for brands while being versatile enough to cover various channels (web, apps, print, tv, email, media, social, etc.)

Senior Creative Director $ 1

Senior Creative Director

in Art, Graphic Design/Gaming

Definition 6 is looking for a rock star Senior Creative Director in Atlanta with responsibilities covering project work in New York. This is a VP track position with managerial oversight of a multidisciplinary team (design, UX, creative strategy).

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